Leather Cleaning Service & Maintenance

Achieving clean & nourished leather
​​"Just as it is important to clean and moisturise our skin,
it is also vital that we clean and nourish our leather.
We understand life is busy - Leathertec can help!"
    What does a yearly professional deep clean include?
  • Deep hand clean removing built up grime, dust and dirt impregnated in the leather
  • Conditioning treatment providing your leather with nourishment and a protective coating 
  • In home service approximately 1.5 hours
  • Quality and guaranteed child safe products specifcally used on cowhide
  • Friendly expert advice for on ongoing maintenance care plan 
  • Free no obligation reminder every 12 months


Appropriate care of your leather product is very important in maintaining its longevity. Did you know that general use, body oils and perspiration will affect the finish of your leather suite over time if not cared for properly?  Leather can be easily damaged by improper cleaning techniques and harmful products.

We cannot see the build up of dirt and general household grime that settles on our leather furniture. Whether your furniture is crisp white or black, if left untreated and not cleaned regularly it will cause the finish to deteriorate and the colour to fade and come away from the leather. In more extreme cases the leather will even begin to peel and crack.   

Leathertec in Melbourne recommend having your leather products professionally deep cleaned & conditioned yearly to maintain their health and longevity. Monthly maintenance is also recommended to compliment the yearly professional deep clean & conditioning treatment. ​Check out our cleaning care range of products in Melbourne.
Valued Customer Feedback...

"Julie was a lovely lady. We enjoyed a good chat but more importantrly my couch looks AMAZING after a professional deep clean and condition. Thank you Julie!"

"We're blown away by how clean the couch is... it looks incredible... like a new couch again. Thank you Julie!"

"I didn't realize my couch was THAT dirty. It looks completely different after the clean. Like new again."

"What an amazing result. Thank you Leathertec for your excellent onsite service."

"I thought my monthly wipes were enough. After seeing how clean my couch was after Julie deep cleaned it, I will definately get her back in 12 months time."

"Thanks again Jules for making my leather sofa look so clean & sparkly! Professional service with a smile can be hard to find... you are the exception!"

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Looking forward to a clean! The happy face is the true colour of the couch
Leather Sofa Cleaning Service
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Leather Cleaning
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